What is Skin Symbiosis?

Skin symbiosis is a philosophy of skincare which strives for a balanced dermis with the aim of creating improvements to the skin. The skin functions as a physical immunity barrier against external environmental pollutants. But it does more than that. Under microscopic inspection, the skin hosts a rich culture of important microbiome.

Since discovering the relevance of internal gut microbiome, skin care futurists have been observing skin micorbiota. Many now believe that a collective community of diverse resident microbiota inhabit the skin, and that this culture of diverse and unique skin flora – known as skin microbiome – may be a factor related to skin rejuvenation.

Why is Skin Symbiosis Important?

A delicate and complex balance enables the skins microbiota to host the correct environment for healthy skin. Deep inside each and every skin cells, there is a nano immune system taking cultures in and release unwanted materials through the pores. What you put on your skin matters as it may contribute and be partly responsible for maintenance of skin health.

What Causes Imbalances to Skin Microbiome?

When severe medications and topical products disrupt this balance, the skin is more vulnerable to pathogen invasion, and skin problems may occur.

How Can I Help Balance The Skin?

The Probiotic Facial – along with advanced microbiome skincare – may lead to impaired skin function. Many skincare experts now believe that the role of the skin microbiome is linked to immune interactions such as homeostasis, tissue repair, and wound healing, and that by applying topical skin microbiome, improvements to skin problems may result.