The Probiotic Facial

What is The Probiotic Facial?

The Probiotic Facial is an in-clinic skincare treatment which delivers diverse skin friendly flora to the skin. Through an advanced skin product system containing microbiome cultures, the microbiome are introduced topically onto the dermis in order to boost transdermal absorption of skin friendly microbiome and probiotics.

The Future of Skincare

No two people are the same. And no two skin imbalances are the same. Many believe that the future of skincare is to be found in the complex micro structures and cultures that work together to make our bodies well inside and out, and that by introducing skin friendly microbiome to the dermis, improvements may be achieved.

Probiotic Inunction

Everyone today is familiar with gut flora and the value of taking probiotics in drinks and in capsule form. It is accepted that taking oral probiotics and probiotic implants directly into the gut may boost gut symbiosis. The next generation in probiotic uptake is via the skin through a process known as inunction.